Want to manifest a better life, relationships, work, family for yourself?

Don't know where to go and get the impression you are spinning in a circle?

A few years ago, I didn't even think I was the type for meditation, even out of ignorance of what meditation was, I also resisted it. Little by little when I realized what benfits were, it simply became part of my daily routine.

The best explanation I read was that our mind was in the daytime like the stirring water that had raised sediment and blurred. Through such water I cannot see anything. Meditation has the power to precipitate, precipitate and clarify water to make our clairvoyance better.

Meditation is the same as prayer and has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with our flexibility to adapt life to ourselves. Whoever wants can sit in silence and repeat their prayer for half an hour. And sometimes I do.

Calm your mind so you can function better and better.
Choose your own mode.

Benefits of Meditation:

- Increased focus and concentration
- Insights into troubleshooting
- Enhanced environmental perception and a clear picture of events
- Reducing stress levels
- Increased amount of life energy
- More patience and tolerance
- Faster decision making
- Reducing the feeling of fatigue
- Life's pleasure

Meditation does not last long and you do not need any special conditions. You can meditate anywhere. With or without music.

How meditation is performed.

You need to be in a sitting position, legs on the floor or crossed (the lotus position here is known as a Turkish saddle). Spine right. Eyes may be closed or open, depending on the type of meditation you perform.

There are three ways to meditate:
Focus on breathing
Focus on the mantra
Focus on the subject

All of these methods aim to dispel the thoughts that come your way and focus on your breathing, mantra or subject. Thoughts will pop up, but we just need to look at them and not analyze them.