How to reject all excuses and finally start working on yourself?

And while the offer for personal development trainings is large and diverse, I assume you cannot know in advance who the real trainers are, who provides good working conditions and where you can achieve desired results fastest. I’m sure you ask yourself where to go and what to choose. Perhaps for this reason, because today everyone is involved in some trainings, workshops, coaching, you decide to stay home and not to attend any training, and unfortunately, you end up doing nothing.

Yesterday, there was the certification of a set of workshops „Shape your life“ in Knjazevac and again, I heard the workshop participants say: “Reading books is one thing, the reality, and what we learn in the workshops, is something completely different.” And it really is. The right thing and the right exercise in thesafe and supporting environment is the best way to go along the path of personal development.

I get the impression that if we don’t work on ourselves, we become robots in a way. We wake up in the morning, we take our children to kindergarten, we go to work, on our way back from work we pick up our children from kindergarten, we spend an hour or two with our children, we eat something, we clean the house and go to bed. And then we wake up again and take our children to kindergarten … And what’s really going on here? Who are WE, what are we doing HERE, what is THIS all about? These are just some of the questions to which we want answers.

Should I do a training? Excuses are numerous: I do not have money, I do not have time, there is noone who would take care of my children while I am away, I do not know how my partner will react if I ask them to take on all the obligations for a few hours … And what will happen if you solve these problems? Will you then do a training, will you then do something for yourself or will you just find the next excuse?

It does not matter if you start now, next month or in the autumn. It really does not matter. It’s only important to start! To do something for yourself and develop your abilities, skills, boost your vibration, master your own resources. And that’s when the magic begins. The magic that brings you into the state of wonder, because now it all goes smoothly, people are nice to you, they even love you, and then you ask yourself: Why, why haven’t I done this earlier?

I’m not saying that a training can change your life for the better just because I have a personal experience, but because I am a witness to the phenomenal life stories of many people I have worked with.

Think, do something, take the first step, and then see what you have done and where you have been, just do an analysis. Let the analysis come from your own experience.

Your life is in your hands. Remember, THIS IS YOUR LIFE ONLY!

Dr Darko Cvetković, International NLP Trainer & Reiki Teacher