Freedom of choice

Freedom. What does freedom mean to you? Freedom of choice, speech, love, expressing … Freedom is when we want something and when we say to ourselves that that something is possible. It is a beautiful feeling when something you once imagined becomes a reality. Personally, it is not the first time something like this has happened to me, and every time it’s incredible. And then I sit down and ask myself, what prevents us from wanting? What prevents us from saying how much money we want to have and what car we want to drive? What prevents us from wanting where we want to fly and who says that some things are meant only for some other people?

We say it. Proudly. And now what?

Now is the moment to make a change. To make a choice. And you know that there is always a choice. The most successful people are successful only because they always had more choices in their minds. Only then you can manage your life. Before that you are just in a state of inertia. The biggest stress is caused by a feeling that we have no other option. We think that we are stuck in debts, that we should not allow ourselves to stay one more month without salary. And that keeps us stuck. That makes us slaves. We put ourselves behind the bars and then decided to stay there because that is our COMFORT ZONE in which we are SAFE.

And while I went through my scripts, notes and some of my favorite books, I found the text of Richard Bandler in which he writes:

„ One of the basics of NLP is to create a greater choice of ways to achieve a goal:

  • If you perform an activity only in one way, then we are not talking about choice at all, but about coercion. Sometimes you will succeed in your intention, sometimes you will not. There is a high likelihood that you will often find yourself in situations that are difficult for you.
  • The alternative will lead you to a dilemma.
  • The choice means that there are at least three options available. In any situation, a person with the biggest number of options and maximum flexibility in behavior will have the greatest chance of managing the situation. The greater the choice, the greater the chance of success.

If you have just one choice, you are a robot, if you have two choices, you are faced with dilemma. When you have three choices, you are A FREE HUMAN BEING.

Do you want to be a free human being? Take your foot off your own brakes first and let yourself dream what you want to dream for a start.

And then let yourself have all that with pride. Because that is OK.

Best regards, enjoy your life, because it is YOUR life.

Author of the text: Dr Darko Cvetković – NLP Trainer & Reiki Teacher