Energy Coaching

In what exactly areas can it help you..

We often think our lives are hard.

To get nothing and not enough time for all those things that await us.

The point of success is in the level of life energy during one day. At the end of the same day you feel better or worse, it all depends on what you have come to do and what your results are. Results are the only measurable one in the context of your efficiency. Often these results are not good and we fall into various depressive or anxiety states.

Energy Coaching is my combination of knowledge in various fields that I have learned and studied throughout my life.

The principles I have created and are based on Energy Coaching are:

- It doesn't matter what I do, but how I feel.
- My results depend on my energy level.
- I get into conflicts when I'm not well.
- Clearly defined expectations are the key to good relationships.
- The set goals set the rudder in which direction we are heading.
- We can only achieve our goals with proper routines
- No matter what we did, we know the result beforehand.
- Our body gives us signals before we start dealing with something.
- Situations and people are not as they first seem to you.
- It's all energy sharing.

The steps in Energy Coaching are:

Setting goals, by looking at the current state of our lives. What we are and what we are not happy with. Based on this, we set up a new state, desired state, resources and action steps that help us to reach that state.

The next step is discovering the supporting and limiting programs and reprogramming them. These blockages are often patterns of destruction we carry from our ancestors. Through beliefs, behavior programs and identities we have taken on.

The next stage is to set daily routines that will support us to get where we want to go.

All this through raising the life energy, improving communication and awareness of our body and the signals it sends.

Through NLP, Reiki, and medicine, I was able to generate the best methods that can produce visible results very quickly.

It is very important for each of us to have a good feeling at the end of the day for Business, Family and Spirituality to be in balance.
Then we can say we are fine.

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